The vast majority of clothing in the shop has been washed. I also get things dry cleaned. I do not use steam cleaning.

I use natural products where ever possible and find that the ECOVER range is particularly good for vintage and antique fabrics. It is also consistent with my ethical policy as the plastic bottles can be refilled at SUNSHINE my local health food store.


I wash things, even if they appear clean when I buy them. It is a good way to tell how durable the fabric will be when worn. A garment may look pristine, but depending on how it has been stored it can disintegrate when being used.


I know this from my years of experience in wearing vintage and antique clothing. I once wore a beautiful 1930’s silk dress to a party, having bought it that morning at a market. It appeared clean and perfect, but the gown literally melted on my skin while I was dancing, a fetching look when you are 21, and acceptable as I probably only paid a few pounds for it. But not an experience I wish upon any of my customers !


I also clean and feed leather goods with hide food, this hopefully will extend there serviceable use. I usually service zips before sending them on their way.


I clean jewellery but tend not to polish silver as I think it looks better with a slight patina. Earring shanks, and the inside of shoes are cleaned using antibacterial agents.